Ah, I finally on my 40th Birthday

This last Wednesday I turned 40, and well I don’t particularly wanna talk about that.  However,  with that said,  I did finally create my own page on Facebook,  Search for World Wide Word, Judith Word
That way I shouldn’t have Facebook on my arse about having over 5,000 friends. .LOL
So funny!

Judith Word, Peace be with you, 1♡

Robin Williams proved My Daddy Right To Me

My Daddy was murdered when I was just 19 years old.  And unfortunately prior to that there were a few instances where my dad showed his depression,  he’d be pity talking too his bottle of Wild Turkey 101.
      Too get too my point,  he always said those whom generally speaking that were having genuine serious suicidal thoughts; happens with the ones that you never expected it too, because you don’t hear them advertising for attention,  perhaps not even a word from them about it, those whom go thru with it..
Just saying. .
Also as my daddy taught me,  Opinions are like Assholes,  We All Have 1 !
Now, with all that said,  anyone thinking about it and not talking about it, Talk to someone!  Don’t do it, nothing ever in Life is that bad, there’s always a better day on the horizon!

Judith Word, Peace be with you, 1♡

Honda is Comatose. ..Revival not likely

Well. .few days ago now my Honda died on 90… never showed running hot..yet learned it had zero water in radiator only in the reservoir I’d put in it day before.
Yesterday.   Donald and Max pulled it from Sears Auto in Gulfport to the camper here in Long Beach ..
We’ll see what happens next. ..